Outreach activity – Forging game and workbook


Have you ever wondered how steel is shaped? Closed die forging is a commonly used method whereby the workpiece (steel) fills the shape of the cavity in the dies (like a mould). This game has been created alongside Footprint Tools to teach you how to forge a brick bolster. Can you select all the correct parameters and achieve a 100% score?

Forging game with videos (PowerPoint)

Forging game without videos (pdf)


Materials science and manufacturing methods are frequently missed from the school curriculum despite their importance both historically and in the future. Exposure to such themes within high school is essential for the UK job market to fill future roles.

On this page you can find materials for a lesson plan (slides and workbook). We also encourage you to direct students to the student page which includes a simple forging game.

Forging lesson plan (PowerPoint)

Forging workbook (pdf)